The Asido Foundation envisions a Nigerian society in which all persons will enjoy optimal mental health regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status, religious creed, or ethnicity.

Break the silence and secrecy around mental illness

Mental illnesses are treatable

These disorders can affect any and everyone: from children to adolescents; adults to the elderly; male and female; rich or poor; regardless of religious creed, level of educational attainment, ethnicity or race.

However, it is poorly understood and several myths and misconceptions are pervasive. There is also a negative culture of silence, associated shame, stigma and discrimination against persons and their families affected by mental illness.


18,773 people have pledged to stop mental illness stigma.

By signing this pledge, you’re taking a stand against the mental illness stigma. Pass it on. Print it out. Tape it up. It can serve as a reminder to start more conversations and stop the labeling. Together, we can Make It OK.

Join Our Cause

The movement to transform the way society thinks about mental health has never been more important. We need everyone to lend their support. Attend one of our events. Join one of our donor societies. Get your company or colleagues involved. Or simply apply as a volunteer.

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Due to popular demand, the Membership Application Portal has been re-opened for those who missed it earlier.

The Asido Foundation aims to promote better understanding around mental health issues.

In this video, we invite you to join and support us via our Call for Membership.

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