Unashamed Pledge

Unashamed is a mental health awareness campaign of the Asido Foundation to raise awareness about mental disorders, promote empathy and support while advocating for the elimination of shame and stigma



The Unashamed campaign aims to enhance open conversations around mental health issues, promote empathy and support, while combating associated shame and stigma.

  • I affirm that health, including mental health, is a fundamental a human right, – in tandem with the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 3).
  • I will advocate for the speedy passage of the Mental Health Bill in Nigeria.
  • I will be an advocate of open conversations and better awareness and understanding of mental health issues.
  • I affirm that mental disorders are treatable.
  • I will support people with mental disorders, in all settings in schools, work environments, and the community.
  • I will advocate for the elimination of shame, stigma and discrimination in our society.
  • I will promote the empowerment of service users to have a voice about the services they receive
  • I will demand an end to the inhumane treatment of affected persons via chaining and other forms of abusive practices.
  • I will promote the provision of quality services for affected persons, on an equal footing as is available for physical disorders.
  • I will encourage others to join the campaign and take the unashamed pledge

5198 Signings

5198   Signings

Goal: 1,000,000

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